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  • The United Nations report indicates that the number of road accident deaths exceeds 3,500 people per day around the world. It is likely that if practical and more comprehensive measures are not taken, the number of deaths and injuries will increase dramatically, one of the initiatives of the National Transformation Program 2030 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is based on reducing the number of deaths and injuries resulting from road accidents by 50%, and the Saudi Vision 2030 adopted additional measures to ensure traffic safety, reduce road accidents and their effects. Therefore, the concerned authorities, such as the Ministry of Interior, Transport, regional municipalities, and education, have prepared strategic goals related to Saudi Vision 2023, most notably reducing transport accident rates, reducing accident mortality and the severe injuries.
  • Based on the Saudi Society for Traffic Safety participation in the activation of initiatives to improve the elements of traffic safety and the transport system, and working side by side with all traffic authorities to enhance road safety, and work to reduce the number of deaths, injuries and disabilities resulting from traffic accidents, Forum Title:

Sixth International Traffic Safety Forum and Exhibition Artificial Intelligence and Big data for Transportation and Traffic Safety

  • The forum is organized by Saudi Traffic Safety Society at the Sheraton Dammam Hotel from 4 to 6 December of the year (2023), In cooperation with the Eastern Province Traffic Safety Council, Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Saudi Aramco.

Forum Objectives

  • To identify Artificial Intelligence and Big data in traffic safety which are proven successful in international experiments.
  • To develop channels for transferring the implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Big data technologies related to traffic safety for Saudi Arabia.
  • To identify recent advances in Artificial Intelligence and Big data technologies and their compatibility with the objectives and elements of traffic safety.
  • To develop regulations relevant to the application and deployment of Artificial Intelligence and Big data to enhance traffic safety.
  • To identify Artificial Intelligence and Big data technologies for the management of all modes of transportation, traffic accidents, and to improve and expedite the emergency response.


The forum will discuss important technical topics and will discuss the most important topics related to the field of traffic management, traffic safety and infrastructure for each axis through sessions interspersed with several lectures by experts from different countries of the world.

(Related to road traffic)

  • AI applications and big data for in adaptive and optimized vehicle management in real-time for sustainable traffic control
  • Safety implications for autonomous vehicles
  • The role of AI and big data in mitigation road accidents and reinforcement in real-time road users’ safety
  • Developments in AI strategies & Autonomous Vehicles - Electric Vehicles and how implications to road safety (Automated road safety evaluation using AI techniques)
  • Automated road safety evaluation using AI techniques

(Related to rail traffic)

  • Intelligent monitoring system for rail track safety
  • Risk assessment of railway accidents using AI and big data
  • Artificial intelligence for improving rail-road crossing safety
  • Automated rail inspection using AI
  • Roadmap for AI integration in the rail sector
  • AI for passenger flow estimation at train stations
  • Intelligent Train and advanced safety technology

(Related to air transport)

  • AI and big data analytics for Air Transportation
  • Recent Innovations of AI in the aviation industry

(Related to maritime logistics)

  • Artificial intelligence and big data for operations and safety of the maritime industry
  • Emerging opportunities and challenges of maritime logistics
  • AI and automated shipping logistics



Sheraton hotel - Dammam
Saudi Arabia.


3 consecutive days


From: Monday 4th December
Until: Wednesday 6th December
4/12/2023 - 6/12/2023